Quality Policy
  • Client's interest and satisfaction is the foremost aim.
  • Time management without compromising on quality.
  • Professional co-ordination with consultants for flawless work.

About Us

Bharucha Building Products

Factory Manufactured Cement – Ash bricks ( Bharucha Bricks) Heavy Duty Pavers in M40 & M50 grade of concrete.

We have set up completely automatic factory along with automatic batching system with the best technology available from Columbia, USA to manufacture the best quality bricks to replace mud bricks and do away with old manual methods of manufacturing poor quality bricks.

These bricks are made in exact size of 230 x 110 mm x 75 mm & 230mm x 150 mm x 75 mm these results in less quantity of mortar requirement for brick work and plaster when compared to conventional brick. The strength is much greater than conventional which result in better quality constructions and a better product., giving rise to cost effective construction

As in the world over the construction technology is moving towards eco-friendly design, we at BBP provide Landscaping design bringing nature closer to the human habitation. Preaching this philosophy we provide master planning interior scape design and fountain design.

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